High Impact Aerobic Step Board
September 13, 2017
September 13, 2017
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Whether you are proficient in double unders and speed rope techniques or looking to develop this skill, the Adjustable Speed Rope is your best choice. It cuts through the air like nothing else, allowing you the best chance to hone this skill to your maximum potential. With comfortable, lightweight grips and the ability to quickly adjust to your preferred length you won’t go back to a traditional skipping rope after you have tried it for yourself.

  • Cuts through the air with a low drag effect due to the thin 2.5mm tube
  • Weighs a light 100g yet still firm for every maneuver
  • Improve double unders and speed rope techniques
  • Length of 283cm (9’3″). Tested for suitable length on a guy who is 206cm (6’9″)
  • Quickly adjust the length to get the perfect size for you to achieve maximum efficiency. Steel screws¬†take 10 seconds to adjust. The option is also there to remove the caps by hand then snip the wire with pliers to remove excess wire above the handle
  • Steel bearing designed for durability and speed makes it the ideal speed rope
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