JC MuscleBuilding & Fitness is the pioneer in online fitness and natural bodybuilding/powerlifting in Brunei.

We started since 2009 by meeting customers up at parking lot and today we have several distributors to distribute our supplements.

We have a very strong customer base as customer is our first priority.

Being a weightlifter/power lifter and personal trainer enable the administrator to provide proficient work out and fitness advise to interested parties as well as recommending supplement to maximize workout results.

JC MuscleBuilding can assist and advise you with the following:

– Gain muscle and loose fats.

– Training/ workout plan.

– Meal Plan and nutritional tips.

– Stacking the supplements safely and effectively.

– Recommending supplements that is safe for long term human consumption to achieve your fitness goal.

– Have you reach your plateau? Do you really need supplement at this stage?

How we do it?

– We have personal experience with most of the supplements we sell (WE TRIED IT BEFORE YOU and WE KNOW WHAT WE ARE SELLING!)

– We have contacts with international lifters, nutritionist and reliable suppliers/manufacturers that overseas therefore product quality is assured.

– Have trained in different techniques with the veteran and powerlifter/weightlifter competitors.

– Profit maximization is not our priority therefore we only recommend whatever you need at your current stage.

– We have the manufacturer certificates for distribution and our supplements are approved by the Pharmacy and Food Control, Ministry of Health Brunei.


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Avoid cheap and fake alternative supplements. Buy from reputable sellers and ask for product authenticity documents from your supplier to ensure the products are genuine.

All info are exclusively only for JC Musclebuilding & Fitness friends.

100% drug free athletes.

Brands We Carry

Brands We Carry